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My Big Red Ball was no match for Ryley-style mischief.


4 comments to Pop

  • Aww, so sad. I want a Big Red Ball! (But there’s no way it would stand up to Tominator-style mischief, either.)

  • Awww, MAN! The bigger the ball, the sadder it is when it pops. No one was hurt in the incident were they?

    My Big Blue Ball is hidden away in my bedroom and is supposed to be off limits to children. But there is just something so intriguing about a ball that is as big as you are.

  • After rereading the poem, and cracking up, one question came to mind – did it help in labor? (I don’t remember if you’ve mentioned it or purposely chose not to.) Weird Al would be proud of the poem.

  • mopsy

    I never got to use my ball in labor. All my lofty ambitions were for naught.

    I had an emergency induction (went straight from the doctor’s office to L&D) due to very low amnionic fluid, so I was stuck in bed, strapped to monitors. Then the cord prolapse occured, then the c-section…

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