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Animal, vegetable, mineral

Beatrix’s new elephant pants:


Backyard blossoms:


Aquamarine crystals, Denver Museum of Nature and Science:


11 comments to Animal, vegetable, mineral

  • Shayne

    Oh goodness, I just love, love, love baby feet! Makes me want to kiss those toes! Cute outfit!

    Pretty flowers and crystals too. I can tell you’re liking your new camera! 🙂

  • I second Shayne’s opinion on the baby feet!

    I have a picture of the same kind of tree on my blog today. Lots of lovliness blossoming right now!

  • What great photos! And by-the-way, I love the layout of your blog and what you’ve done with it. I hope you continue to use ALL of your creative talents and even pursue those we haven’t seen yet.

  • Those are such cute pants! And how grand to have backyard blossoms. Spring is here! Hooray!

  • Look at her chubby little ankles! Another baby foot lover here.

  • Ooooh, I love those blossoms! And that little foot! Eek! You simply must give it a gnaw from me.

    What brand are the pants? They are adorable.

  • mopsy

    Yep—the new camera’s a keeper.

    The pants are from Baby Gap—reasonable, too ($12.99).

    Sigh. Fat baby feet, wiggly splayed toes, smelling like Baby Magic and clean cotton. I just want to mum-mum them up and kiss them forever.

  • Ahhh, the Denver Museum of Natural History has changed its name. Wow, what an awesome place-
    the display of gems and stones of the world was always one of my very favorite. I remember how the blacklights made my tennies glow in the dark!
    Great picture of aquamarines through the glass of the display. The blossoms are mighty purty too, but that sweet baby footie is my favorite!

  • Only a sweet baby girl could pull off wearing an outfit called by the name “Elephant Pants” with grace and charm.

    I love that foot, too!

  • I agree with Suzanne. “Elephant pants” would have a completely different connotation in my wardrobe. 🙂

    What is it about babies that make you want to gobble them up?! Too cute.

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