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Playhouse of style

Passing on a link to a story about America’s most stylish eight-year-old boy. If you go, make sure to look at the slideshow featuring nine of his looks.

I am really impressed with some of young Arlo’s ensembles and even more impressed with his confidence. But being impressed doesn’t stop there. I am impressed that his parents let him have so much autonomy in this department. Why not?

I’d be hard-pressed to let Sam, our resident eight-year-old boy, carry a cane and wear a top hat to school. Bullies. Someone would get whacked with the cane. Hats aren’t allowed. Velvet knickers aren’t sold at Target.

Today, he is wearing green sweatpants with a blue and brown hoodie and I congratulated myself for biting my tongue.

The clothes battle isn’t worth it, unless an outfit is completely unseasonal.

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