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I have four things to say*

1. Hovering, Hand-wringing Mother Alert: Archie has his first cold. I am terrified it will morph into much-feared RSV. With his prematurity and pneumothorax, he can’t afford an illness in his lungs.

2. Brag-Art: Aidan and Tommy each had pieces of art featured in our school district’s art show. We went to the reception this past Friday night and had a great time admiring their work. Aidan’s piece was a drawing of a bowl of noodles, poured over and morphing into a human figure. Tommy’s was a colorful city made with small bits of construction paper glued together in a mosaic.

3. snap cake: I quietly added a link to the Rollcall section of my sidebar. It takes the clicker to my photoblog, which I am calling snap cake. It is simple and born out of a need to dump my favorite photos somewhere on a strand of the web. I anticipate I’ll add a photo every day or two, but not necessarily from that day. I have been focusing on photos taken within the past year, with a few exceptions. Some were posted here, but most are making a humble debut.

4. Welcome to the Dollhouse: Beatrix’s new favorite plaything is Aidan’s old dollhouse. She constantly positions members of the doll family (including a Batman action figure she adopted into the fold) on the little plastic toilet. Inside the toilet is a tiny brown chip of wood. I have no idea who put it there. Anyway, I think this is an excellent sign that she has Bathrooming on the brain more than ever. The past few mornings she woke up with a dry Easy-Up and she is peeing on the potty. She just turned 2.5 on Sunday. It will be nice to be back to just one diapered person in our family.

*title of the year

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