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…people like lists (vol. 9)

1. My mom has a several Betty Crocker cookbooks from the 1960s. Most were wedding gifts. The last time we visited, I had a good time reading the old cookbooks, especially the one devoted to throwing parties. I especially liked the artwork, photos, and illustrations. It was astounding how many recipes called for gelatin, herring, and beets. If that’s what the Mad Men ate, count me out. When I saw this spiral-bound meal planner and calendar that used many of the old images from vintage Betty Crocker cookbooks, it shot straight to the top of my want list. I still don’t have it in my mitts. Soon, I hope. Then I can plan meals in style.

2. My friend Chris from Mama Bird’s Blog is giving away a gorgeous, brand new non-recalled crib at her blog. The only catch is you have to live in the Denver area because you have to pick it up yourself. Enter here. I entered and I fully realize that if you go enter, it lessens my chance of winning. But I never win anything, except for that day a few Decembers ago when I won three things in one day. I used up all my contest luck long ago.

3. I am declaring Snickerdoodles the new S’more.

4. My husband and I celebrated our 14th anniversary on September 7th. The kids asked if we were going to go on a date. We said no, as Teddy would be a very small, very cute third wheel. Next year. In lieu of a night of romance, we opted for homemade beer cheese soup with a hearty German rye on the side. For dessert, my husband made a homemade chocolate mousse, which he served to me in a crystal wine goblet. It was perfection. He used Alton Brown’s recipe, which you can find here. We rounded out our celebration of 14 years with a showing of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which I found surprisingly funny and charming.

5. Daddy’s Arms (taken when Teddy was half his current age, which would be like me posting a photo of myself from when I was a college freshman)

5 comments to …people like lists (vol. 9)

  • I love your lists! I often think of how half my life ago, I was no longer living at home with my parents. Bizarre.

  • it’s amazing to me the resemblance amongst all of your kiddos. something tells me my family will be different in that way.

    do you have a good snickerdoodle recipe? if yes, please share. i love a good softish/chewyish snickerdoodle.

  • Oh absolutely precious. Happy belated anniversary. What gifts you are constantly given every morning. 🙂


  • Happy anniversary! I loved the way you celebrated. What a sweet photo.

  • Even more astounding than 1960s cookbooks? 1960s parenting manuals. They may as well be three hundred years old they are so outdated and odd. Gelatin molds are pretty head-shaking too.

    Teddy is just perfect. I realize I don’t know your family in person and nothing bugs me more than when people tell me who my kids look like (Oh look! He looks just like great Uncle Jim!) BUT I am going to go ahead and do that to you now: in that photo I think he looks like Beatrix. 🙂

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