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Apple of our eyes

My kids begin discussing next year’s birthday well in advance. Like 364 days, give or take an hour or two.

Beatrix wanted a The Princess and the Frog birthday for months on end. I was ready to succumb to a Disney-fied birthday for my girl, who would be turning 4.

But she surprised me.

One day, several months ago, she announced she wanted an Apple Birthday. She wanted an apple cake with apples that tasted like apples. With some apples! I thought it was sweet and unique, but figured as the big day approached, she’d feel the alluring tug of the all-powerful ball gown and doe eyes of the Disney Princess du jour and change her mind.

She remained steadfastly devoted to her Apple Birthday. Today, she is 4.

We celebrated with apple-everything over the weekend.

I made Scribbit’s Snickerdoodle Cake with Cinnamon Buttercream Frosting. It filled the requirement for being an apple cake, as the recipe calls for applesauce. It was a wonderful cake. I highly recommend this recipe. It’s perfect for all your autumn cake-y events.

I thought about decorating it with red frosting to make it look like an apple, but red frosting is unfriendly in many ways. Then I struck upon the idea of decorating the cake with sparkly apple ornaments, which I’ve seen at places like Hobby Lobby in the past. Of course, this year there are no sparkly apple ornaments. Only leaves. I had to improvise with some faux apple bunches.

Beatrix adored her fancy apple cake. I was pleased with how it turned out, too.

She is like an apple, actually. She’s vibrant, sweet, snappy, shiny.

Happy 4th Birthday to Beatrix.

(as always, the birthday link to the birth story)

13 comments to Apple of our eyes

  • Man… is that not the cutest little four year old person!!! You guys make really cute kids!!! Happy four little one!!! Four seems to be the year for exotic birthdays… we had a lemon party and a chili party for four year olds!!!

  • Wow! I can’t believe she’s 4 already! Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday, Beatrix!

  • She is a cutie. Happy birthday to Beatrix and you! (Mamas always share the birthdays, I think.)

  • The Original Other Gretchen

    Happy Birthday to Beatrix! What a classy cake! You did a great job. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday, Beatrix! LOVE your apple cake!

  • That is awesome! Happy Birthday, Beatrix!! For Claire’s birthday in November (the big number five), she has said she wants it at Chuck E Cheese. She decided this after we went to a party last December for one of her friends. She insists. Her thoughts haven’t changed. Hold me.

  • Mom

    I miss our little Bea. You describe her to a tee. I was glad I could be there to celebrate with you all and I highly recommend the cake. It was totally yummy. We’ll be calling later to serenade her with our usually off key version of the “Happy Birthday” song.

  • Shayne

    Happy Birthday, Beatrix! I love the idea of an apple-y birthday, and the cake looks awesome!

  • How sweet she is! Happy birthday!

  • auntie alison

    Happy Birthday sweet Beatrix!!! Loves and Hugs and Kisses!

  • The cake is lovely as is Beatrix. Reagan has just become old enough to start fixating on her birthday, which isn’t until February. It seems like every day she asks about her party and the theme keeps changing. Her latest request is Chuck E. Cheese. After reading JoAnn’s comment, I’m now giving other parents a pass on holding birthday parties there, I now know IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT!

    Happy birthday, sweet Beatrix.

  • edj

    My kids used to begin discussing next year’s birthday practically on the evening of this year’s birthday. So I made an actual RULE that they can’t talk about their birthdays till one month before the blessed event. It has saved my sanity and made me a less snippy mother 😉

    And Happy Birthday to your apple-loving girl. She’s adorable. ALso this means I’ve been reading you forever, since I remember when you were pg with her. Wow!

  • Maria

    Bea is so lovely! And already four!!! How quickly the time flies with such a little princess.

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