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…people like lists (vol. 5)

1. Behold the hideously ugly Huggies denim-look disposible diaper. Daisy Dukes for droolers! The only way I’d wrap Archie’s bum in these is if we were out of every other possible diapering material, including the living room drapes.

2. My disdain for the faux denim diaper may peg me as a snob, but this recipe will quickly reveal I am actually a redneck: Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad. It’s yum-yum, easy, and perfect for summer. It was a regular dinner choice during the summer of 2009 and I’ve already made my first batch of 2010. I omit the olives, of course.

3. Last night, someone told me I looked great for a mom with so many kids. Um, thanks?

4. My friend, Jess, has an Etsy shop where she features her beautiful handspun yarns. When she told me she knew how to spin wool into yarn, I thought that was an unusual skill to have in this modern era. But she’s good at what she does and her yarns have been featured in several Etsy treasuries (see: Wool in the Summertime for the latest ). She has no idea I’m writing this and I don’t even think she reads my blog. Just wanted to point you in her direction if you need some yarn or other cute handmade things.

5. Having iffy, disjointed, ho-hum feelings about the Lost finale? One of the greatest fan re-cappers, Vozzek, shares his thoughts over at DarkUFO in one of his famous “Things I Noticed” posts. I am tired of hearing about Lost, but it was worth the read. I am officially done with it and moving on to my favorite summer TV fare: Wipeout, anyone? Perfect to watch with a hearty bowl of Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad while your denim-diapered toddler re-enacts the stunts on the furniture of the drapeless living room.

It’s going to be one classy summer.

6. Archie’s first haircut was very overdue. For months, I had been fielding questions about her age, her name, and hearing observations about her new shoes, and wow, she must be tired (as HE wailed in his stroller at the doctor’s office one morning). I couldn’t figure out why my little guy was being mistaken for a girl until one day, when I was brushing his hair out of his eyes for the zillionth time and I thought he could really use a barrette. Oh.

So last week, I made an appointment for him at our local kid’s salon and they did the deed.


I thought it was funny that Maria asked the very next day, in a comment, when Archie’s first haircut was going to happen? I was going to do a big huge post about it, but never got around to taking after photos because he was in a foul mood immediately after he lost his pretty honey colored locks. So now I am doing a big huge #6 because today at lunch, I finally got a couple of good shots of his new look. He was eating crack-ahs, so he was happy:



14 comments to …people like lists (vol. 5)

  • Okay, confession: I thought the denim huggies was part of an ad on the Onion. They’re real?? Yikes.

    Oh, and I HAVE to do my Lost recap post soon, because not only have YOU moved on, I’ve moved on…but I want one look back in retrospect. I’m waiting on something to get here before I do it, though…so you may be tortured sometime in the near future. 🙂

    We’ll have to try that salad!
    .-= The Casual Perfectionist´s last blog ..What do you call really old vampires? =-.

  • I saw a commenter over on the Huggies thing who was ranting that the diaper was going to give the “lazy, uncivilized ‘moms'” (yes, moms had quotes around it) that let their children run around in only diapers more excuse to do so. I had no idea that I was lazy and uncivilized. Just thought I was keeping my poor kid from developing heat rash in our 100% humidity. I think the diapers are ugly, too, but then, I don’t have drapes in my living room either, so what do I know?

    Archie looks adorable, but I don’t think he looked like a girl before at all!

    I get #3 a lot, and I always have the same reaction. People are dumb, end of story.
    .-= jenni´s last blog ..Ah, Humble Pie, How Bittersweet You Are! =-.

  • What a cutie!

    I think those diapers are hideous and strange.
    .-= nicole´s last blog ..The Needs of a Princess =-.

  • AH! That diaper is just wrong! LOL. And hello to handspun yarns…….. Added to my favorites!

    .-= Adventures In Babywearing´s last blog ..Closets: a rare peek into my blog closet =-.

  • Those Huggies are hysterically awful. I am all for the run about in just a dipe (hello cloth diaper glory days!) but oh my word. Interesting idea, horrible execution.

    I don’t think there is a think redneck about bacon ranch pasta salad. What does that say about me?

    I’m sorta glad the Lost hoopla is over as I have never seen a single episode.

    I adore the ARCHIE shots. Cuteness all over.

    I do love your lists, mama!
    .-= Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last blog ..with an eye on the sparrow . . . or the swallow, i suppose =-.

  • Melissa

    Call me crazy, but I think the diapers are cute. Granted though, I haven’t seen them in person and photos can make things look nicer than they are.

  • Oh Archie is a dream…look at his cute haircut!!! Man he is cute!!! As for number three – “What is that about?” I get it A.L.L. the time… I would love to know what I should look like, because let’s face it my day to day appearance is somewhat, ummmm, relaxed!!! I have asked from time to time: “So, what exactly do you mean by that?” And I almost always hear back: “Well you don’t look frazzled.” Thank-you so much… so while I look shabby lurching round with a pack of eight, at least I look energetic . Truth is appearances are everything – didn’t ya know!!! Have a fun weekend!!!
    .-= se7en´s last blog ..Se7en Quick Pockets for Corduroy… =-.

  • edj

    Archie is so cute! Dang. I didn’t think he looked like a girl before, but then I already knew. One thing I love about Arab cultures is they pierce girl’s ears on day 3, and while I would never do that, I do appreciate knowing at a glance whether to coo about him or her. (This is necessary, since their language has no neutral term for child, only boy/girl son/daughter.)
    .-= edj´s last blog ..City of White Houses =-.

  • Yes, I’m one of those people who like lists:)
    1. On point 3: that someone was just envious, because you do look great – and you get to have 8 kids:) in my experience having a child makes a women prettier, so your beauty is 8 times magnified.
    2. The yarn is amazing.
    3. Archie is so handsome, and his haircut is super cute. He looks so sweet. Ahhh, they grow so fast.

  • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks those Huggies diapers are disgusting. So trashy. It’s like another excuse for parents not to put pants on the baby.

    Archie’s haircut is so cute! Of course it is, he’s so cute.
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..Let me just complain for one second =-.

  • Hmm – when I first saw the diapers I thought they were kind of cute. Cuter if actually denim (cloth diaper idea?) though. Not a product we’d use since we a) don’t use disposables and b) have never even contemplated letting Elizabeth run around sans pants. Mind you we never contemplated letting her run around without a shirt either. Seems weird to us!
    .-= Mary @ Parenthood´s last blog ..May 24, 2010 =-.

  • Archie looks so cute with his haircut!

    I’m still processing LOST, so I’ll pop over and read that review. I liked a lot of the finale, but I was disappointed in some of it. I don’t watch Jimmy Kimmel, but someone showed me a funny “alternate ending” he did involving the dog.
    .-= Barbara H.´s last blog ..Friday’s Fave Five =-.

  • Amy

    Unlike the hideous denim diapers, Archie’s new haircut is adorable. 🙂

  • Shayne

    Bacon. Ranch. Pasta. What’s not to love?

    And Archie is a doll! He looks awesomely handsome with his new ‘do.

    Jacob’s hair got long really fast and everyone thought he was a girl, too, even when he was dressed in blue from head-to-toe. When his hair was dipping into the baby food on his spoon, I decided it was probably time for the dreaded first haircut!

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