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My chance to make international news fizzled out 4 years ago

A woman in the UK made the news with an ultrasound image of her baby giving a thumbs up.

Beatrix did the same thing in utero. It’s not a full profile shot, but it’s pretty clear she was sending a message of hope and goodwill to humanity. Ahem.


6 comments to My chance to make international news fizzled out 4 years ago

  • Shelley

    International news??? Seriously? Dag nabbit Gretchen you could have been SUPER famous! Had you only known!

  • Gretchen von Lifenut

    I know. I feel so cheated, but I only have myself to blame. Why didn’t I organize a news conference? Why didn’t I send out a press release?

    If I were SUPER famous, I could get a better table at Chili’s, you know?

  • You are famous to me! There’s a seat at my place anytime. 🙂

    .-= Adventures In Babywearing´s last blog ..Closets: Less is the new black =-.

  • I am so glad you told me it’s a thumbs up. After endless kids and heaps of practice I still have absolutely no idea what on earth is going on in those pictures. Really how any one knows which end is up is quite beyond me… Frankly I don’t think anyone knows but because anytime you ask a professional “they can’t be sure” not to mention how many times they will say post the babes arrival… well you can’t tell everything from a scan.

    Hope you are finding some rest for your weary self!!! Lots of love!!!
    .-= se7en´s last blog ..Sunday Snippet: Stop and Look A Day One GiveAway for Little Ones… =-.

  • I took a class when I learned how to do OB ultrasound – our teacher had lots of funny pictures of babies’ hands – one giving a peace sign, a thumbs up, and “OK” sign, even a baby that looked like he was flicking the sonographer off! She said she waited for YEARS to find that one.

    What a great pic – I think one time I saw a baby giving the peace sign, but i wasn’t quick enough to get the printed pic.
    .-= Aubrey´s last blog ..Good reading. =-.

  • edj

    My…what is she? Nephew’s girlfriend?…had an ultrasound of her baby that looked vaguely like he was praying…hands sort of clasped. It was 3-D ish. I thought it looked cheesy, but my father-in-law offended my husband greatly by saying it was the best photograph he’d ever seen. Uh yeah. My husband is a photographer.
    .-= edj´s last blog ..Having A Ball =-.

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