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Ode to my pancreas

Jenni from One Thing and Megan from Sorta Crunchy suggested I sing the praises of my pancreas in verse. So I did.

You make insulin.
For that, I humbly thank you.
I can eat some cake.

Herophilus was
The Greek guy who discovered you,
and then he ate you.

Don’t know if that’s true,
but some people in far places
eat you in sweetbread.

I’d rather love you.
I’d rather trumpet beauty,
found twixt moon-hued ribs.

Excrete on and on,
hormones and enzymes delight!
My body will sing.

Evermore favored,
Praised by those in scrubs and Crocs,
my self-esteem soared!

(I must wonder, though
what part of me is hungry
for strange approval?)

Endocrine’s esteem!
Exocrine’s favor increased!
Wondertwin powers!

Unite! Two functions,
one hardy, blessed organ:
Brava, pancreas.

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