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Neuro boosts minds, moods, and more ~ A drink review

“Hey dad, it looks like you’re drinking shampoo!”

One of the things that stands out about neuro, a line of drinks that touts the power to boost brain and body well-being, is the packaging. It’s like an hourglass, a lava lamp, something to reach for with soapy eyes in the shower. They are cute and colorful and the massive cap can double as a little cup.

But the liquid inside the rainbow-hued collection of neuro drinks is what I was charged with trying. neuro sent a case of drinks for me to sample and, as I mentioned before, a case for our homeless donation drive. That act colored my perception of them in a positive light before I took my first sip, admittedly. I was already excited about trying neuro after seeing them in the store. Some of them are lightly carbonated, which intrigued me. I’ve sworn off drinking soda, but am deeply in love with fizzy drinks so I wondered if they’d be a good, healthier alternative.

The full neuro line-up

The first bottle I drank was neuro Bliss, which I chose because of it’s carbonation. It tasted very light and airy with a subtly crisp hint of citrus. It contains Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea. Lately, I’ve been chugging green tea for the health benefits. If I can get the benefits and a bit of fizz, I’m sold. I give neuro Bliss a thumbs-up. I’ll raise the cute blue cap for a toast to bliss. Can I state with honesty that my mood improved and that my stress was eased because of neuro Bliss? No. I was already happy when I drank it.

I loved the idea of neuro Sleep, but decided to avoid drinking it because I am still nursing Teddy at night. It contains melatonin, which is a key component of a sleepy brain. Since I am still on the clock 24/7, I didn’t want to consume anything that would make me too sleepy to be on baby duty, so my husband drank it before bed one night. The next morning, he reported having extremely vivid, sort of crazy dreams ~ but he slept well. I’m not saying if you drink neuro Sleep that you’ll find yourself dreaming of being on a cruise ship with Super Grover and MacGuyver, but wouldn’t it be awesome to try?

Probably the most winky-winky neuro would be the one called Gasm. Confession: When I opened the two cases of neuro, I took all the Gasm bottles out of the one intended for the homeless. I was passing it along to a woman from church who heads up the ministry and I didn’t want to raise any eyebrows. So my husband and I had double the Gasms and that’s all I’m saying about that, other than it is nicely bubbly and effervescent. It boasts that it promotes “playful” energy.

Gasm-less box for homeless ministry

neuro Sun has a tropical/melon flavor. We determined that it tasted a bit like how sunscreen smells, but that can be a good thing if you like drinking pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Sun is packed with Vitamin D, which has been on radars lately because many people are being diagnosed as Vitamin D deficient. With winter coming, I might try to drink neuro Sun to make up for the lack of sun-soaked skin’s production of Vitamin D.

We also tried neuro Trim and neuro Sonic. neuro Trim is intended to be consumed 30 minutes before major meals because it contains fiber that helps you feel more full before you eat so you don’t go overboard. I didn’t get to try this one because my husband took it. I’m the one with the waistline of a person who has given birth 8 times, so I should have dibs.

neuro Sonic was the only one that scared me to drink because it offers the chance to keep up with a frenetic lifestyle through chemicals found in red wine and B vitamins. It was intense, and if it had a mascot it would be an in-your-face personal trainer. I think it would be a fantastic drink for someone high-powered, on-the-go, with meetings and phones for their phones. If you want to be alert, this one’s for you. Now drop and give me 100! Now! While reciting the opening stanzas of The Canterbury Tales in Middle English!

I did not get to try neuro Sport or neuro Aqua because those were the bottles we swapped for the Gasms in the donation box. But, I look forward to trying them soon.

You can find neuro drinks at stores or online. You can also follow them at Twitter and at Facebook.

(Disclosure: neuro sent a case of 12 bottles for me to review. The impressions I related are my opinion.)

16 comments to Neuro boosts minds, moods, and more ~ A drink review

  • you crack me up! I’d totally love to try any of them, but truthfully, who wouldn’t want to drink the gasms for a little adult play time 🙂

  • As a lover of rainbow pattern, I am quite attracted to the packaging — stunning!

    Where does the color come from? Natural or artificial? If the former, I’ll be checking these one. Not saying which color 😉

  • Kudos for the packaging and labeling to help stand out in a sea of same. Also like that the company stepped up to help your very worthy push toward helping the homeless. I applaud that, so that, coupled with your review, I’ll give them ALL a try. Gasm could be the first in line, who knows? I’ll never tell.

  • Lori,
    I am so happy to hear that you’re a fan of the color scheme! Neuro does not contain any artificial colors. The color of the bottles is different from the colors of the actual beverage. To top it off, our bottles are 100% recyclable! Who knew a beverage could be so perfect?

  • Love the packaging and colors!! I am very excited to try these drinks and pass them along. I really like the health benefits and the NeuroSun one because I am definitely low in my Vitamin D! Thanks for the review:)

  • These sounds really interesting. And “double the gasms” – HAH!! And extra vitamin D does sound excellent.

  • You. You are hilarious. I’ve thought so since 2004.

  • edj

    are they very sweet?

    • Gretchen von Lifenut

      edj ~ No, they aren’t overly sweet or thick, if you know what I mean. They are more light/crisp with slight sweetness. It’s a good balance, I think.

  • My younger son is telling me that we just have to try one!

  • They sound really wonderful. I too, am sworn off soda pop and miss the fizz. I treat myself to fizzy water from Target once a week… it’s one of my favorite things. I am going to have to search for it 🙂

  • I’ve been curious to try these but a little afraid of what they were. I’m a little sheepish about drinking “enhancers” and concerned about ingredients. I just may grab one the next time I’m in the grocery store. I wonder if you’d get weird looks if you had a few “Gasms” in your cart at checkout…

  • I LOVE these — seriously delish.

  • These look great, I’ve been trying to find a way to get Dave to stop drinking Monster, these would be a great way to do that! Love it…

  • Shayne

    I have not seen these, but will keep an eye out (looks like they’re hard to miss!). I’m interested in the Trim and Sonic and well, um, maybe one other. 😉

  • Wow I love the beautifully colored bottles. I will have to keep my eye out for these at the store. I will share on Twitter!

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