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Meet, greet, would like to repeat

I met the genuine, warm, and fascinating Laura of bluestocking in December.

I met the so-pretty, multi-talented, never-met-a-stranger Vashti of Sing for your Supper in early January.

This past Friday, I met Heather, who crawled out from under her six-kid generated laundry pile to fly to Denver with her husband and their youngest little one, Gemma.

Heather also deserves adjectives heaped upon her. Friendly. Adorable. Funny. Unpretentious, but so very cool.

I drove to Heather’s hotel with my three youngest boys. Vashti, her two girls, and her three nephews arrived shortly after our invasion of the lobby. Everyone was excited for our get-to-know-you lunch. Nine kids and three mamas took over a quaint pizza joint in the nearby Stapleton redevelopment.

I can’t speak for the other ladies, but I had a fabulous time at lunch and at our post-lunch jaunt to a park. We talked and watched the kids scramble around on giant manufactured rocks and a climbing wall. Vashti did a high kick during an impromptu talent show. If a Rockette were nearby, she would have seethed with jealousy.

Blogging has brought many blessings my way, especially the opportunity to get to know so many awesome people both online and in real life. It’s great to be at a point where the two have begun to intersect.

12 comments to Meet, greet, would like to repeat

  • If life ever brings you to Oklahoma, I’d love to meet you too! Sounds like you had a ball.

  • I’m so jealous! I wish I could have been there. I’d love to meet you all. My dad lives in Lyons and we are usually in CO some time in the summer. Perhaps we can set something up…

    Ditto what Shannon said about the Oklahoma visit.

  • Sounds like a ball. It is neat to hear about everyone meeting up in real life.

    Ah, to be west of the Mississippi …

  • Shayne

    That’s so cool! I bet you gals had a lot of fun. If I ever make it back to Colorado, I’m going to make a point to meet you!

  • My favorite part was when one of the kids threw a rock in the fountain in the hotel lobby. It made me feel like my own kids were there. No, wait. My kids would have been WADING in the fountian in the lobby.

    Meeting you two was so much fun, I want to come back already!

  • It was so fun. I’m glad that our gaggle of kids didn’t get you kicked out of your hotel, Heth!

  • Sounds like fun! Although I’ve made lots of friends online, I still haven’t been able to meet any in person. How neat that you have!

  • Jenn

    The kid who threw the rock in the fountain. 😮 I’m guessing that was MY son? LOL! I’m sorry I missed this gathering. Hopefully next time!

  • I feel the same way. I’ve met so many wonderful people this way, present company included!

  • Mel

    I want to live in Denver where the fun bloggers hang out!

  • mopsy

    I’d love to meet anyone travelling through, provided you are not an axe-murderer. So Chilihead, we should definately set something up if you are around. We live quite close to Lyons (what a funky town, BTW).

    And Jenn—it was one of your sons. And it was a good-sized rock. Big splash. LOL.

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