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Because two readers requested a picture of me, I offer this. The next picture of me will be posted in November 2006, earlier if I get over my painful shyness. Or my hair looks good.

rare sighting

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  • Mom-of-mopsy

    Great picture of the 3 girls having fun.

  • A rare Mopsy sighting! Now we see where your kids get their good looks.

    I’m eyeing that butterfly cookie on your plate….
    It’s a cookie right?

  • These last few posts . . . delightful! And ha ha, lucky me, I already know what you look like!

  • JoAnn

    You look terrific Gretchen. What a great adventure you guys had. Such a great read.


  • hamster

    You look great. I like the haircut.

  • Stacey

    What a gorgeous mother and daughter! Sounds like you guys had so much fun! Makes me wish I had a daughter!

  • goslyn

    What a lovely picture 🙂 You both are beautiful. It’s funny, though, how you can form a mental picture of someone without realizing it. You don’t look quite like my mental picture. I think I thought your hair would be longer. I like it, by the way. If I had thicker hair, I’d try for a style like that myself.

  • What a gorgeous pair/trio!

  • mopsy

    Thanks for your kind words, everyone.

    Yes, Heather, that is a butterfly cookie. There was also a little heart-shaped angel food cake with frosting and a flower pot with chocolate mousse with a daisy sticking out. The desserts were my favorite part.

  • What a wonderful picture of the three of you! Those desserts do look quite fun, as well as those heart shaped plates. Very cool.

  • You’re beautiful! I thought your hair would be longer, too. Like hippy long. That is SO funny! Someone else said that as well I think.

    I see why your kids are so cute!

  • Lovely, lovely–mother and daughter look so much alike!

    You’ve inspired me to plan such a trip of my own when my daughter is old enough.

  • Sister-of-Mopsy

    I’ve really looked forward to all of these posts about your adventures. I know that you and Aiden will always treasure the memories of this trip together!!! What a fantastic time! It couldn’t have gone any better… except maybe sharing a cab to the airport with Oprah or something (like Oprah takes cabs and then shares them with common folk hehe)… but never say never. 🙂

  • mopsy

    Giggling at the thought of having hippy-long hair. I’m more of a flapper wannabe than a Marcia Brady.

  • You all look great! And I love your haircut. Thanks for sharing the trip with us. I know Aidan will treasure those memories forever. I hope that you’ll print out those blog entries, too, so she’ll have your perspective on the whole thing when she’s older.

  • You look fabulous! I can’t believe you have given birth to five babies! You really look amazing!

  • Thanks for the picture–it is nice to know what you look like! You are very pretty, as are the other lovely ladies in the picture!

  • What a lovely picture of you! YOu really should come out more often…I encourage you to put one up on your blog!

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