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One of the things I learned in Kindergarten is that if March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb, and vice versa. They must teach this truth in Kindergarten so that you will never forget it–nobody ever forgets what they learned in Kindergarten.

The problem with the lion/lamb weather illustration is that it is too simple. For instance, today is not particularly nice. There is no baa-ing, big eyelashed lamb with a pink satin bow romping around with butterflies, nibbling on tender shoots of green grass. But no shaggy lion is pacing outside the door, roaring and storming and making a mere trip to the mailbox an opportunity to get ambushed with frostbite.

There should be other animals to describe how March comes in and goes out, beyond the weather. This particular March seems to be coming in like a hippopotamus–it came slowly, lumbering through February and crushing a few days along the way. It stopped to eat some grass, went into murky pools for a few dozen underwater naps, sending bubbles to the surface, and finally it has showed up, all 2,000 pounds of fresh-start.

This month will bring our getaway (I know where we are going! I know where we are going!), hubby’s birthday with the requisite red velvet cake, corned beef and cabbage for dinner, and Lucky Charms for breakfast as a nod to the 1/64th Irish in us. Spring break and Easter will end March.

I hope it goes out like a dove–with peace, with quiet, with promise, and with renewal. With nothing to clean off our windshield in April.

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