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Mail Call ~ Very Special Pen Pals for Young Readers

Beatrix is only six, but she gets the best mail. While the rest of us are stuck shuffling through stacks of pizza coupons and medical bills, she gets to read letters penned by award-winning authors. I get discounts on tire rotations. She is treated to the sometimes wise, sometimes hilarious words of Lisa Yee, Jane Yolen, Natalie Standiford, Kerry Madden, Susan Patron, Derek the Ghost, Adam Rex, Rebecca Stead, Matt Holm, Kate Messner, and Sherri L. Smith.

"FROM THE VERY UNCLUTTERED DESK" (what is an uncluttered desk? never seen one...)

That’s a big list with more to come. When an envelope arrives for her, we never know who to expect. We never know what to expect, either. She’s received short stories, writing advice, silly anecdotes, memoirs, and a full-blown comic story. Also, she’s given an opportunity to write back to the authors!

Sometimes, they're email addresses. Sometimes snail mail.

Beatrix keeps her letters in a cute binder, protected by plastic sheet covers. It’s a handy, safe place our whole family can reference.

The Cuteness!

I enjoy reading the letters and am really grateful we found out about it—which is why I’m sharing it. If you want to sign up your own kiddos (or yourself?) to receive letters, here’s the scoop. You can sign up for a subscription at Letters For Kids. It’s $48 for a whole year of letters, but the content can’t be found anywhere else. They also have letters from authors geared to adult readers. It made a really great gift. Months after her birthday, she still benefits.

"Dear" indeed

(nobody paid me or asked me to share about this cool letter club…so really, there’s nothing to disclaim!)

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