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Look at me, everyone!

If you have more than two kids, you are just a show-off.

Here’s an interesting article regarding families having their third children.

The author claims a child receives SEVENTY new toys a year. I find that to be insanely high. We come nowhere near that. We don’t have 420 more toys than a year ago. Do people ever question statistics? I’d say about 95% don’t.

h/t: Lots of Kids

5 comments to Look at me, everyone!

  • I’m sort of horrified to tell you how many toys my kids get a year. But first:
    – they’re the only grandkids on either side.
    – my husband’s mother shows her love with gifts
    – they’re the only young kids in the LARGE extended family.
    Okay? Ready for the horrifying number?
    My kids get way more than 70 toys a year. Way more than 70 toys EACH. My daughter got NINETY presents for Christmas one year. NINETY. We try to exercise restraint in buying gifts, but well over THIRTY of those were from my in-laws.
    So… um… they’re well-loved, right?

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Robert Zimmerman and Bedtime Prayers

  • That article has me totally dumbfounded. As a mother of five, I never once considered that our large family made it look as if we were one of the “haves”. Especially since our reality is nowhere near that. Rather than having more money for more kids, I think we’ve just gotten more creative with our money. And we’ve done a lot more with a lot less.

    70 toys a year? If I’m being honest, I’d say our kids average maybe 10 new toys (each) a year. And, yes, that includes Christmas.

    Stacey @ Happy Are We’s last blog post..Things I Will Not Worry About While I’m Away

  • I read the article. (Thanks for the link.) And I came away with the definite feeling that this is one of those myopic East Coast stories. I don’t know a single family that views having 3+ kids as a status symbol. But it’s apparently epidemic on the Coasts. There’s such a disconnect. I find myself thinking, “Who are these people?”

    And 70 toys per kid a year?!? My two oldest were the only two grandchildren on both sides for five years. But even they never approached that level.

    Unless you count Happy Meal toys and other crapola like that. Maybe if you add in all the trinkets from the $1 area at Target and stickers they get in the mail — then maybe we’d approach 70. But something tells me, that’s not what the author is intending.

    Kelly @ Love Well’s last blog post..Laughter

  • Well…if those 70 includes those free ridiculous ‘last-only-till-you-get-home’ kinda toys that you get with meals, then I might agree. If not…well then that person must seriously redo calculations

    Melany’s last blog post..Just the same

  • LeeAnn

    70 toys. My house isn’t big enough to house those although I admit my daughter’s room looks like it has 70 toys. Maybe, if you count all the little pieces, various-sized boxes that she collects, and the rocks she collects………… 🙂 If you count individual K’nex pieces, we easily have that! (Our major toy purchase for all the kids in the house, including dad!)

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