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Long ago, in a previous post, I observed One of the benefits of having a large family is that we are practically guaranteed to win at least one cake at a cake walk.”

It’s so true.

The kids attended the Spring Carnival at their school today. There was a cake walk. I almost feel guilty, but the haul of cupcakes on our counter will make me feel a little better.

5 comments to Invincible

  • It’s all about the strategy of getting everyone out there at once, you can’t let them split you up. We do the same thing and totally take the cake. Enjoy your spoils.

  • lol Hey whatever it takes to win right 😉

  • We always have people giving us their leftover tickets at carnivals or their Friendly’s coupons. We love it!

  • Shayne

    So this is where I’ve gone wrong. My 2 boys love cakewalks and we’ve NEVER, not once, not ever won anything. Ever. Maybe my husband and I should get busy just so I can increase the number of baked goods coming into the house. I’m sure he wouldn’t complain about any part of that plan!

  • holly

    Ha!! We just recently went somewhere and participated in a raffle, my husband and I. We didn’t win anything. I told him it was simply because we didn’t bring the children. We would have won then….we always do. When you have 8 extra entries, you tend to get picked. So right!!! Makes it worth all the stares and comments.

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