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bag.jpgWhen Heather the Laundress tags, I play along. This time, she wants to know about my current bag, going as far as predicting “I’m sure she is carrying something fabulous.” I snorted and blushed, strongly.

I like changing my junk-slingers on a regular basis. I am attracted to offbeat styles and patterns. My current bag is fairly new. It caught my eye for several reasons. I adore tulips and it reminded me of my late Grandma Alice’s home. Orbitting in my memory is a particular bedroom with bright pink shag carpet and shutters. I see a tulip motif—rough fabric, bright, crowded, 1970s brash. I slept well there, slightly chilled and lulled by the sounds of a patio radio coming from the open window.

The contents of my bag are uncharacteristically in control. I have a pink cell phone with a Beatrix screensaver that reminds me of Sinead O’Connor. Black wallet stuffed with receipts and punchcards for everything from donuts to Christian books to Harry and David crunch, but seldom money. My inhaler, my lipsticks, my sunglasses. Sometimes I have a pen or a little pack of Kleenex. Not pictured is the ubiquitous pack of Orbit gum, Mint Mojito flavored. I just ran out.

The most unusual items in my bag are two plastic token tickets for the Denver Zoo train.


In a few weeks it will be clogged with receipts, pony tail holders, gum wrappers, appointment reminder cards, and maybe a pilfered pen or two. Oops.

7 comments to Bagged

  • Now wait a minute, that inhaler does not look like the new “environmentally friendly” kind. Love your bag! It is adorable, just the kind I imagined when Heth mentioned you!

  • I knew it. Adorable. Love the Beatrix pic, what a honey!

  • mopsy

    Joanne—with every puff of my asthma meds, Al Gore feels a mysterious shiver running down his spine. And Sheryl Crow bursts into tears.

    I have the feeling on the next refill my meds will change—the pharmacist warned me it was coming. I am not happy about it. Don’t mess with my lungs.

  • I have the Burts Bees chapstick, I mean lipstick and love it! Your bag is cute too. Now, what I want to know is this, you moms of multiple kiddos inlcuding babies and tots, how do you carry a purse and diaper bag? Do you carry both into the store or make sure your purse is large enough to hold a sippy cup or two and snack?

  • Shayne

    I love that Burt’s Bees lip stuff! Balm and color in one small package — what could be better?!?

    The bag is adorable. I keep thinking I’ll turn into one of those cool-bag-carrying women. Yet I continue to sling around my plain black leather (big) purse. Sigh.

  • mopsy

    Kristin—If I am going to Target, for example, I’ll leave the diaper bag in the car. The chances I’ll need it are slim, and if I do I just go to the car and get it. This particular tulip bag is pretty large. This past weekend I put Beatrix’s stuff in with mine and it worked out well. All she needs are a couple of diapers and a small pack of wipes. It’s large enough to throw a banana or a baggie of goldfish inside for snacks for my little guys.

    I’ve also been known to throw my wallet and other small essentials into the diaper bag if we will be out longer. Beatrix’s diaper bag is pretty cute. It is red and pink satin floral, basically a Petunia Picklebottom knock-off.

    It does get confusing switching bags around so much. Inevitably, I’ll leave my lipstick behind which is very annoying for a lipstick-addict like me. I too love my Burt’s Bees. That particular tube in the picture is Raisin. I have the Coffee color too.

  • You know, Burt’s Bees shimmersticks are one of the few things I have in common with a lot of other people! I swear everyone I know online has at least one (we have five different colors–I found that the light colors are good for little girls who are allergic to dyes and have chapped lips and I have raisin, merlot, and coffee myself. And yes, I am a lipstick addict as well.) I keep one in my purse, and one in the bathroom and in the bedroom. (I buy them on sale, usually at 40% off.)

    The bag is adorable in a 70’s sort of way.

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