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I need a…


I can’t even say it. Monday morning. That gives me the weekend to obsess.

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  • holly

    OMG!!! Will they even do those on pregnant women? I need one and I am deathly afraid because 1.) I dont know if they will actually do it yet, or 2.) that it will be bad because they cant knock me out…only give me nitrous. My husband just had one and the way he explained it~ugh! I will pray for you.

  • mopsy

    Holly, they said they can’t give me nitrous, oral sedatives, or IV sedatives. Just a local anesthetic. I guess it’s worse to let the infection rage and do damage to the surrounding bone and tissues than to treat it…I also had one of those tiny x-rays that only shows two or three teeth. They double-shielded me, too.

    Good luck to you! Maybe just call a dentist and see what they think? It is scary, I know.

  • holly

    I called them and the receptionist said they wouldnt work on me period, but when i explained that I couldnt do this for 5 more months (eating on the right only) she said if my OB would sign a release they might make an exception, but it would be up to the doctor. But definitly no general, and this tooth is the reason I signed up for blue cross dental in the first place. I had to wait 6 months to be active but the general was worth it to me. I am scared to death of dentists. However the longer I go, the more that breaks off, so it needs something soon. I had a “friend” tell me that the more kids I had, the worse my teeth would be…oh well.

  • holly

    Oh, and they will give me a local, but thats not gonna be enough for me. Just in case I gave you the idea they dont use those! HA HA!

  • mopsy

    They called my midwife’s office while I was there and got a (very small) list of drugs they are allowed to use. I’m on antibiotics now, too, and that has already helped. Maybe you could ask to get on antibiotics until they can do something for you? I asked the dentist if it were true that having multiple pregnancies was hard on teeth. She said when she first started practicing she thought it was an old wives tale, but they more patients she’s seen, the more she believes it. She believes it has to do with the depletion of minerals a pregnancy can cause. Many times the minerals aren’t replaced properly and that can be hard on teeth and weaken them.

  • JoAnn

    Oh-no! I will be thinking of you Monday. I’ve heard those are not very fun! A weekend to obsess about it doesn’t either!

  • Shayne

    Ack! In 2000, I had 2 of them in 2 months. Not a fun summer! And all because of a Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Jack in the Box that cracked my tooth! I had only local anesthetic and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated. The worst part for me was drooling all over the dental dam. Hope all goes well on Monday!

  • mopsy

    That is one heck of a chicken sandwich, Shayne! Then again, mine cracked while eating bread…who knew such non-jawbreaking things can break teeth?

    I keep hearing from people that root canals (there, I said it) aren’t that bad—just like getting a cavity filled only it takes longer and is a little more involved. I handle local anesthetic very well, thankfully.

  • holly

    see thats yet another thing i am scared of… i process the “drugs” rather quickly and need more when they dont seem to think i do. I had hand surgery once and was awake and i could feel pain after a few minutes and believe me, it wasnt imagined. Same thing happened when i had a cavity filled. Its a good thing that after the epidural, i usually have the baby pretty quickly or it would wear off LOL!

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