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Bizarre coincidence?

Literally two minutes ago, my doorbell rang. When I opened it there was a man standing on our front step. He was middle-aged and wearing a Hawaiian shirt. He said “hi, I’m Steve. I just bought the house on the corner. I broke a tooth and was wondering if you have anything stronger than aspirin for pain?”

Then he pulled open his mouth and showed me his tooth, which I couldn’t help but stare at through our storm door’s window (of course I didn’t open the door). Yes, he had a broken molar that looked eerily similar to mine.

I told him the strongest thing we have is ibuprofen and he said he already tried it and it didn’t help. He said his dentist is “gone”.

For a split-second I considered showing him my broken tooth, but then it occured to me that he could simply be a weirdo looking for Vicodin so I told him how sorry I was. Then he left.

6 comments to Bizarre coincidence?

  • sister-of-mopsy

    Very weird… Sounds suspicious… Send hubby over with some homemade bread as a “welcome to the neighborhood gift” that will sort him out! Or at least keep some on hand. If you need it, you could hit him over the head with it (hey if it can break a molar) hehe

  • mopsy

    Good idea! I should keep loaves of sourdough under the front seat of my car and under the bed. Really, any spot where I might need a bit of self-defense. Maybe I could put a baguette rack in the back window of the minivan.

  • hamster

    V. strange. He’s either a poorly mannered neighbor or an inept addict. Any idea which corner he’s talking about? was there a house for sale recently? Hmm. . .

  • mopsy

    The more I think about it, the more I believe he was just a guy trying to score some Percocet using a tooth tragedy. It’s a shame he can’t use his broken tooth for good, rather than evil.

    Man, we need to move.

  • JoAnn

    Yes that does sound suspect. Just nickname him Oxy, for oxycontin. 🙂

  • JoAnn

    Or you could send over some salt water taffy, and see how that goes over.

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