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Guilt Scout Cookies

One of the advantages of having a daughter in Brownies is that we have a live-in Girl Scout Cookie distributor. One of the disadvantages is that we have a live-in Girl Scout Cookie distributor.

Right now there are dozens and dozens of Girl Scout cookies boxes stacked in our living room, awaiting delivery. Our personal order is perched on top of our refrigerator, somewhat ravaged and definately depleted. Doing my best Cookie Monster impression, I downed several Thin Mints and began to wonder why they are called Thin Mints? Not for the aftermath of eating these infamous cookies. The cookies may be thin and minty. The thighs? Thick.

As I picked cookie bits out of my hair I found it very easy to justify my minty binge. It is all for a very worthy cause. It supports my daughter and her troop. Last year’s cookie sales helped fund a memorable trip to the local water park, where I cooked myself in the hot sun to the point of getting a second-degree sunburn on my back. I can’t blame Do-Si-Dohs or Trefoils for my failure to properly apply sunscreen to my entire body, as tempting as it is to blame food on all of life’s ills.

Cookie sales only come around once a year, which is a wise marketing strategy. If Samoas or All Abouts were available all year they wouldn’t taste as good, I am convinced. Part of the allure is that the Thin Mint avalanche is short-lived. I better eat them while they are around and begin to think about next year, when I will add just one more box of Thin Mints to the order.

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  • new sis to mopsy

    Woohoo! The cookies are in! I’d better stock up on our milk, this definitely calls for double duty.

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