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Guest post: Aidan writes fiction

Aidan is writing a story entitled “The Passageway.” She asked me to post the first few paragraphs here. I said I would.

I climbed the crooked ladder up to the tower that was soaked in darkness. I had to find the missing key to the dusty old door in the attic. I took a big breath and gripped my flashlight tighter as I entered the tower’s dark window. A light clicked on and I spun around, turning to see a cat black as night sitting on a pile of straw. He was holding my key.

As I was about to make a mad dash for it, the cat’s form broke up and blew away with the wind. Then the light sputtered and dissolved right before my eyes. This of course left me with no light.

It left me with no choice but to click on my flashlight. I scanned the room searching for either the cat or the key. But what I did find in a dark corner was a simple wooden table with a damp wad of paper sitting on it. I unfolded it to read only two words: HELP ME!

(to be continued…)

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