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Today, the five big kids and I visited behind the scenes at the Cirque du Soleil tent, along with several other moms and their kids from Mile High Mamas.

The kids were given bright cupcakes and big noses.




We got to talk to several wives and moms who are living circus life. Some were former circus performers. One woman was the mother of a 12-year-old contortionist (see video here). We heard about life on the road—difficulties, joys, logistics, schooling. Also, no matter how long you spent your life hanging by your long hair in a circus act, it still hurts.


The coolest moment of the afternoon was getting to see the tent where the performers practice, work-out, dress, and wait to go on stage. We saw many of the costumes, masks, and headdresses from last week’s performance. There are 1500 costumes and a small army who tends to them, repairing rips amd reattaching sequins and beads.



On the way out, the kids needed to visit the bathroom. I think they had to go so badly because the bathrooms were in trailers parked next to the giant tent. It’s part of their hobby of collecting bathrooms. Now they can say they flushed the same toilets as these dudes.


If you’ve been to the show, you may remember the pickpocket. He was hysterical and very talented, relieving some poor guy of his wallet, watch, tie, phone. We met him. His name is Lee and he was wearing rollerblades. He was very friendly and let me grill him a little about the person he fleeced out of his earthly possessions. It was for real. He looks for someone in a suit and tie in the audience, which he says is easy to do in Denver. People tend to dress well for Cirque du Soleil here. He said in New York City, nobody dresses very well at the show, so it’s harder to find a victim.


It was an interesting afternoon. I kept thinking how amazing it was to be sitting there in the midst of so much talent. The kids had a great time, too, even though the Q&A with the moms was boring for them.

On the way home, we stopped by the store. All 5 of them wore their noses into King Soopers. People literally laughed and smiled at them, especially when Tommy and Joel mimed they were pulling ropes or were caught in invisible boxes. I bought powdered sugar donuts.

When we got home, Joel rubbed one on his face: “They wear white makeup, right?”

Now they are downstairs, making a circus. We can’t let the noses go to waste.

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