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Tommy’s ice cream face, pictured in the very center, was the result of an “I scream for ice cream!” tantrum shamelessly rewarded. Not a stellar parenting moment, but the look on his 18 month-old face is priceless.

Sammy’s Oreo beard made him so proud. He really thought he looked like a cool grown-up dude with a beard and demanded that I take his picture.

There is a nose dotted with green paint, a yogurt facial, a frosted face or two, liquified Gerber Biter Biscuit, macaroni and cheese and cheese and cheese, the infamous milk mustache, and the not-infamous strawberry jelly goatee.

I don’t know why I reach for the camera before I reach for the washcloth. Maybe because the food will easily wash down the drain, much like that moment in time.

faces collage

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  • Momofmopsy

    So, you have 3 that love to have food facials and 2 neatniks (at least I didn’t see their mugs in your mural.

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