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In the past week, I’ve seen three films. This is highly unusual. Usually, I see three in a year, so I guess I’ve hit my quota in one glorious swoop, fueled by popcorn gas.

Ironman 3
The Great Gatsby (3D is a must in this case)
Star Trek Into Darkness

I recommend all of them. They’re different on the lightly scratched surface, but they share common themes and storytelling devices. Loud, brash, over-the-top heroes are forced to confront humility through sacrifice. Boldness! They are at their most bold and admirable at their weakest. The villains in the films are twisted into their forms because of pain. They destroy out of anger, heartbreak, and confusion, often used by forces beyond their understanding. Each film features characters who aren’t as they seem.

I have to say The Great Gatsby wins the Best Costume award. Best Sets, too. Maybe Best Soundtrack. Eye candy, ear candy, fast and plush and reeling—just wow. See it in 3D because 3D is actually a character in this film. The special effects are unspoken narrators, a start contrast to wooden Nick. There’s one moment in the film that is so cheesy, my brain nearly curdled. I couldn’t even look at the screen until it was over. I’m curious if friends who have seen it share the same thought. Guess what it was and I’ll raise a toast to you as fireworks launch behind me. Ahem.


This has been a busy week. I have posts up at two of my other writing gigs.

How a Mom Can Tell It’s May at Mile High Mamas. It’s about how May is the true month of Madness. The end of school signals the end of a normal looking calendar. Every square is spoken for.

Love is a Choice at A Deeper Family. I wrote about advice my husband and I got during pre-marital counseling. Our romance was rather whirlwind, or maybe our whirlwind was romance. We have a good marriage and I’m blessed, but we’ve had rough times. We will again. This is where the choice to love becomes critically important. At our most unloveable we can be most-loved.


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