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Does Starbucks have a line of nursing bras?

Forgive me. I have a fever right now.

I keep thinking about nursing while feverish. I think of a lot of things when I have a fever—things I’d normally never consider.

I wonder if fevers increase the temperature of breast milk? Enough to notice? I think so. Common sense. If the receptacle is hot, it will transfer to the liquid. All those molecules will start to dance faster and get all up in your face, yo.

Teddy has been drinking steamed milk all day. This could be my elevated body temperature talking, but I swear I saw steam rise. If I chug a bottle of hazelnut or vanilla syrup, he can have Baby’s First Flavored Steamed Milk for the rock bottom price of almost free. Take that, Starbucks.

Anyway. Me have a fever.

I will probably push the publish button, against my better judgment. Prayers for healing and clarity are more than welcome.

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