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One of my children has detention today. It’s a first for this child. Hopefully, it will be the last visit to room 319. There have been problems with this child completing classwork, so it’s hoped a serious consequence like detention will make his overhead lightbulb rival a solar flare.

I am not freaking out.

The first time a child of mine got detention, I was completely torn up, convinced I failed as a mom. I was raising someone who would someday stand in front of Judge Judy as the defendant. I internalized the detention, analyzed where I went wrong, and made that child feel pretty awful along the way. Detention was served, kid was contrite, I braced myself, and…it never happened again. Believe it or not, this child hasn’t dropped out of school and set a former roommate’s rental couch on fire. Banks haven’t been robbed. “Room 319” hasn’t been tattooed on a wrist. Our detention trailblazer was a great kid before and remains a great kid. Sometimes, our babies screw up.

Another kid got detention, twice, for a similar reason as today’s Detentionite. I wasn’t happy and the kiddo knew it, but I wasn’t measuring any ankles for shackles.

I will join the other parents who must sign out their boys and girls at 4:15 pm today. I’ll make eye contact with my schoolwork shirker and sign a paper. My signature is his bail. My hand won’t tremble.

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  • Amy

    My son’s school makes them serve detention at 5:30 in the morning. I think the idea was that the insanely early hour would serve as an added deterrent. He has been detention free this year, although he has come dangerously close on two occasions (His problems always revolve around his incessant talking.). I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. I will probably be more upset that I have to rise hours before dawn than I will be that his yapping finally caught up with him.

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