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Butbutbut…I voted!

I voted, but didn’t get the sticker.

I don’t know why. They usually hand them out as you exit, but nobody gave one to me—voter #40 in my precinct. See how on-the-ball I was? Dedicated to getting to the polling place bright and early?

Forced to walk by a table covered in cookies and pastries for the election workers, a sticker would have been a small consolation. I could have taken it to Starbucks and Chik-fil-a and Krispie Kreme for free food!

My husband got a sticker, my sister-in-law got a sticker, and everybody else in the Denver Metro area got a sticker. Good turnout, judging by the STICKERS on everyone else’s shirts.

But I didn’t. And perhaps I can blame hormones, but it really made me mad all day long. I went around telling people my story of voting, but not getting my sticker. Some sympathetic listeners offered me their stickers, but I couldn’t take it from them. I knew they’d feel naked without it.


The results from my kids’ school’s mock election:

McCain: 273
Obama: 88


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