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I do not know who is President-Elect

I did not watch any election coverage last night. Instead, I went to bed at 8pm and watched Deliver Me. I fell asleep before it was over, so I was out by nine.


I woke this morning, resolved to see how long I could go before hearing any news. At this point, I know nothing. My husband does, but he’s been instructed not to say anything.

Some observations regarding today:

~The sun came up
~Hot cocoa is still delicious
~Our tap water is working
~I needed to make four lunches
~It looks fully November outside, bare-branched and subtle-stark
~We need more milk
~Ryley dressed like he was going golfing today, earning him a Go Try Again, Mister
~Did anyone feed the dog?
~Baby is kicking

See how life has gone on, despite everything that happened or didn’t happen last night? A person who has no clue, like me, has a special vantage point on November 5th, 2008. My day, so far, hasn’t been colored by anything.

I will listen to my iPod instead of the radio, severely cut back on internet bouncing, and avoid TV. I don’t want to be caught up in bitter hand-wringing or self-congratulation just yet.

Is my head in the sand? Do either of the candidates care that I don’t know? Are yammering pundits just dying for my opinion, lining up satellite hookups from my living room for the Lifenut reaction? No and no and no.

Eventually, I’ll know when his face is carved on Mt. Rushmore.

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