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Bob Dylan

The procedure went as well as possible, physically. There was a mixup/misunderstanding that caused a lot of grief and still stings this morning when I think about it, but we talked to the parties involved and a patient advocate and it is as resolved as it can be. Sorry for the lack of detail. I just can’t “talk” about it.

This morning I am in bed with the laptop and its cherry-on-top, wireless capabilities. I’ve also read the Rocky Mountain News. An article about a medical helicopter that crashed in the southwest mountains of Colorado caught my eye. A memorial service was held at the hospital for the three men killed in the crash. Someone at the hospital left some handwritten Bob Dylan lyrics on a table at the memorial for all to read.

Not being a Bob Dylan fan, I am unfamiliar with the origin of the lyrics, but they struck me this morning as the scruffy icon’s way of saying “Be still”:

Lay down your weary tune, lay down.
Lay down the song you strum,
and rest yourself beneath the strength of strings
no voice can hope to hum.

5 comments to Bob Dylan

  • rossmomma

    Thinking of you today, my friend. I’m so sorry that things were apparently made more difficult for you yesterday. Sending hugs, prayers, and hopeful, healing vibes to you.

  • Mopsy-
    I do not know why God has called us to this road, but I do know that my relationship with Him is more authentic because of it. I was never as “real “with God as I was over the loss of my babies. I also have never felt pain like it either. I am praying for you. Rose

  • I am praying for you! My heart goes out to you.

  • jasmine

    Oh no, how horrible to go through more pain. Prayers and thoughts with you as you heal. You have been such an encouragement to me even in your own time of need, how grateful I am to know you. Hugs.

  • hamster

    I’m sorry to hear that your sorrow was deepened in some way. Take care of yourself.

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