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Christopher is my new nephew. He was born on July 20th, 2008 on his mama’s 30th birthday, weighing 9lbs 4oz. Christopher’s proud big brothers are identical twin three-year-olds, Alexander and Benjamin. I got to hold him on Monday night. He squeaked and sneezed and smelled divine. And don’t you want to nibble those cheeks?


I saw this baby today, at my second ultrasound. He/she bobbed, appeared to hiccup, waved arms, kicked legs. The nuchal measurement was 1.5 mm, which is well within normal.

This doctor’s office puts two images of the baby per photo, so here are two slightly different profile views of our baby. We also have photos of arms and legs.


The baby looks fine, according to the tech and the doctor. But there is a potential issue with a band that they found in the amniotic space. It’s can cause all sorts of problems if it wraps around limbs or the umbilical cord, cutting off circulation as the baby grows. Right now, it is far from the baby, but I will be having another ultrasound in a few weeks to see what is happening with the band.

I have to admit I am worried. It is completely out of my hands.

I’ve been so worried how the baby is doing that I never thought about something wacky and flukey happening in there completely independent of the baby. From my research, I learned the band forms if there is a tear in the amniotic sac, which sits in the chorionic sac. The tear will leave strings of membrane to float freely like tentacles. I am actually really blessed it was detected so early.

My research also led me to some rather dismal findings that could keep me up at night for the next, oh, five and a half months or so. Please pray for the baby’s protection and peace for me. I am truly hoping the next ultrasound will show a safe and healthy baby.

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