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An update and some random things…

1. Zippy Eggs. Success! Success! They looked nice in the baking dish. They arrived at MOPS piping hot, thanks to my Pyrex Portables casserole transporting system–a fancy bag with a microwave insert. Within minutes of its unveiling, Zippy Eggs were history. I sampled some, and I thought it wasn’t too shabby.

2. Lee has been on a quest to bake a perfect loaf of bread. He has gone through the trials and tribulations of sourdough–he made sourdough starter. It sits like a science experiment in the back of our refrigerator. Growing, reproducing, building small villages, fighting in wars and holding elections. The entire cycle of human history is happening in a jar in my refrigerator. That thing literally pops and bubbles! It is scary and it makes me nervous–all that life in the fridge. The sourdough experiment hasn’t gone 100% well, but Lee hasn’t let that stop him from learning more about breadmaking. Last night he decided to bake a normal loaf of bread, no sourdough starter involved.

The loaf looked very nice and breadlike. Football-shaped. We were excited to see it rise like it was supposed to–it was going well. It smelled heavenly while in the oven. Once done baking, we let it sit for a few minutes, but it was a torturous wait. I had the butter poised on my knife forever, it seemed…Lee sliced off the heel, I passed on that (I don’t eat heels). He sliced the next piece, and I dug in. Yum! Something was odd, though. Something was floating around in my mouth. Hard. Smooth. Hard. What could it be? I took the mystery object out of my mouth–it was white! I felt around with my tongue and noticed that one of my molars was chipped! On bread! All those years of chomping on ice finally caught up to me, I guess.

It doesn’t hurt at all. It just feels strange. Lee thinks I need to call the dentist. I don’t want to. I would rather stay at home and look up the Latin word for “fear of dentists” online. Ahhh, it’s “dentophobia”…I should also look up “fear of the telephone”…It’s “telephonobia”. Put it together and you get “dentotelephobia”.

1 comment to Zippy-dee-doo-oh-no!

  • pianoliz

    So, I have finally begun the journey into your true life, of misfit kindergarten ties
    and broken laundry baskets. Good luck on your dentist visit. I have recently had the
    same problem, having inherited horrible teeth from my mother’s side of the family.
    However, whilst calling around to find a dentist who worked well with people with
    definite phobias, I came across my new dentist. He is wonderful and uses this brand-new
    miracle of science: nitrous oxide!!! Oh! The dentist’s office is now a wonderful place,
    where I listen to CD’s (on special white noise earphones) and daydream for 4 hours, while
    beautiful, nice people carve out my teeth and shove many different tools in to my mouth. Aaaaah!
    What bliss!!

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