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Your Daddy Just Got Nominated to be on the Supreme Court!

Where are you going?

Who cares? He’s having fun. I saw this picture in the Rocky Mountain News this morning. One of the most solemn and important moments in John Robert’s life and his four year old son, John, is being a four year old. The look of horror on Mrs. Robert’s face is priceless. She was having one of those Mommy Moments when you want to hide in the nearest convenient spot because your darling child either just said or did something absolutely mortifying. Too bad she couldn’t duck behind the flags.

dancing kid
AP Photo/Rocky Mountain News

7 comments to Your Daddy Just Got Nominated to be on the Supreme Court!

  • What a great picture! LOL

  • sister-of-mopsy

    I just love this picture. It’s too funny. It makes me like the nominee even more. It seems his child is not fearful of showing cheeky side nor of his parents which means a lot.

  • Kelly

    Hilarious!!! She does look a bit weary!!

  • Julie (Julieand3)

    I guess I need to get out more. I was looking at the photo & didn’t notice what was wrong w/ it. That’s cute!

  • This picture made me laugh and laugh. I had to drag my husband over to the computer to show him. That poor Mrs. Roberts.

    Found you via Bluestocking…what a beautiful blog you have!

  • Shayne (aka doodle)

    That’s a great picture! It’s nice to know that even Supreme Court nominees’ children still act like, well, children. I’ll have to share this with DH!

  • Just saw the video of the picture. It ran 1:35. Who knows how much was edited out. Dear Mrs. Roberts. Those were some long minutes. She finally ducked out a side hall with the kiddos.

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