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You say it’s your birthday?

It’s my birthday too.

During the past several weeks I have been asked what I want for my birthday. I was quick to answer “a house!” After the given reaction of “ha-ha, what do you really want?” I would say “a house.”

The regretful questioner would say “I’ll just give you a gift card.”

I would reply “Cool! That way I can buy things for my new house!”

House. House. House.

Yesterday, we saw eight houses, fell in love with one, and instructed our realtor to make an offer. We signed a contract faxed to us at 10 pm last night (hubby had to wake me up for my scrawl). Today we should hear whether the seller’s enthusiasm matches ours.
I hope its chocolate with that whipped frosting, not the sugary gritty kind

I just might get a house for my birthday…

7 comments to You say it’s your birthday?

  • Stacey

    Happy Birthday! And congrats on finding a house. I hope it works out. House hunting can be the most wonderful, yet frustrating, experience. Good luck.

  • holly

    If God saved this house for you, their enthusiasm will exceed yours. How do I know??? Well, when we made a lowball offer on this house, it had been on the market for a year and the sellers werent motivated at all. Others had made higher offers and they refused them because it wasn’t what they wanted. When we came along, we did our thing, prayed and let it go. They accepted immediatly and here we are. It was the home God wanted us to have and the motivation wasnt there for them to sell to anyone else. Of course they were christians also, which helps to see God’s plan, but I think He still works in all things, christian sellers or not. Let us know ASAP! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day.

  • Happy birthday! I hope you really do get a house for your birthday!

  • JoAnn

    A house for your Birthday. How wonderful that would be. I hope you get it! Happy Birthday Gretchen!

  • mopsy

    Thanks, everyone! I will eat a piece of cake for *all* of you. We STILL haven’t heard on the house yet…the sellers have a 9pm deadline to respond and sign the contract. Their realtor told ours he has a meeting with them tonight and will get back to her with their final answer. When hubby asked how his tone sounded on the phone, our realtor said “dry” I wanted him to sound overwhelmed with excitement, thrilled, with a song in his voice. Not “dry”.

  • I am anxious for you! That waiting is just awful, ain’t it?

    Happy Birthday and I DO hope you get what you want!!

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