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Word of the year

Is “wOOt

Must it be spelled that way?

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  • HA! That’s hilarious. I’m sure all of the 14 year old gamers of the world are rejoicing. Actually, I’m sure they have all moved up and on to better 733t speak words. pwnd.

    Heth’s last blog post..I Should Have Known Better

  • thats so sad…

    misty’s last blog post..Thinking of things…

  • Oh funny- I think that’s the one I voted for! Ha.


  • AKA We Own (the) Other Team! It’s frequently spoken around here. My kids spell it with the little w, but the O’s are actually zeros (like this: w00t!) I have ZERO idea as to why, though.

    Maybe it’s for emphasis? Mine say it with a little more oomph in the O’s than the rest of it.

    Oh who knows. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    Jenni’s last blog post..Needy

  • bro-de-mopsy

    l33t (leet) speak. Very big in gaming communities.

    The one that really bothers me is ‘pwn’. Yes, that is leet speak for “own”. After a victory against you, a competitor might say “you got pwnd”.

    Completely unnecessary.

    Here’s another:

    h4X0r – for either meaning “hax” or “cheater”, or just someone who is a hacker or very good at the game they play.

  • Gretchen


    leet speak? pwn? leet speak, I ask again?

    I do not play online games.

  • At first I was just disturbed at the word of the year selection, but after reading these comments, I am thoroughly confused.


    Anyway, Gretchen, you won the lip balm for your thoughts! 😉 Go check out the store (see today’s post) and email me what flava you want as well as your address. You have my word I will not stalk you.

    Megan dot Tietz at gmail dot com


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  • Heh. Cool. I have nerds in my family (like a hubby and bro-in-law) that use lots of 1337, or leet. I’ve actually been given Christmas presents with tags written completely in leet. I told you they were nerds.

    w00t is frequently used around this house.

    Bethany’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Fly

  • My husband and I are gamers and fluent in 133t speak, we thought it was pretty “uber” that “woot” got word of the year. I have never seen it spelled “w00t” though, nor have I ever heard of the acronym they referred to in conjunction with it (We Owned the Other Team? Huh???) A gamer doesn’t say “team,” that would be gh3y. We say “group” or “party.” Only a “noob” would say “team.”

    133t speak is more than letters and numbers though, we also use symbols to make faces, beyond ye old smiley face. Such as:

    O.o = huh???

    O.O = OMG

    >.< = doh!

    ^^ = indication of good feelings, like wiggling eyebrows.

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