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Woe unto the last box of cereal

Our cereal inventory currently stands at one: Corn Flakes.

Tommy’s Monday morning is off to a rocky start. He’s not a big fan, wailing to everyone around the breakfast table, “Corn Flakes taste like burnt popcorn!”

Joel put his spoon down, leaned forward, and gently said, “Tommy? You are wrong. Corn Flakes taste like watermelon.”

11 comments to Woe unto the last box of cereal

  • Watermelon? Gosh, maybe I need to revisit corn flakes. And for the record, I like burnt popcorn too. Too bad I despise cold cereal. Your kids make it sound delish.

    Does anyone like corn flakes? I always wondered who actually bought them.
    .-= Joanne´s last blog ..Refreshing =-.

  • That was funny. Cornflakes are okay. Rice Krispies are better, for a non-chocolate cereal. The only cereal my youngest son will eat is Fruity Pebbles. Ironically, that’s almost the only fruit he’ll eat, too. My favorite is Cocoa Puffs. I bought a box yesterday after church and had 3 bowls before bed. It’s times like that I’m thankful to be a grown-up. Sort of. 🙂
    .-= Dorci´s last blog ..Friday Funnies – Ninja Kitty =-.

  • Kids’ taste buds really puzzle me!

    Peter said the other day, “I can’t drink this glass of milk because it tastes like cereal.” Huh?

    Hope Tommy’s day starts to get better!
    .-= Shayne´s last blog ..Kinder Camp =-.

  • I can’t believe your household is down to one box of cereal! We have an embarrassing amount of cereal over here. I just counted the boxes, but I can’t even bring myself to type the number here. (It rhymes with squirteen.) And I was just thinking, “We need more Cinnamon Life.”
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..We’re Fresh, We’re Fine, We’re the Freshmen of ‘09! =-.

  • I like Corn Flakes, especially topped with sliced bananas.

    But I’m siding with Tommy on this one.
    .-= Kelly @ Love Well´s last blog ..Story Unfolding, Part One =-.

  • edj

    Abel LOVES corn flakes. They are his favorite cereal that we are likely to buy him on anything like a regular basis. (I could not say this in French. Gosh that was a complicated sentence) (Aside number 2: cereal is freakin’ expensive here, except for cornflakes and something called “Mr Kanny’s Slim Flakes” which are like Special K) He drowns them in sugar and a teeny bit of milk and is happy. The other 2 won’t eat them at all.
    .-= edj´s last blog ..More Photos… =-.

  • One of my kids ALWAYS adds a big extra S to the end of CORN on the Corn Flake box, thus rendering them inedible.
    .-= Beck´s last blog ..Fashion =-.

  • Hahaha! Last day or two of the month and we have only cornflakes left as well… I will mention that it tastes of watermelon in the morning and see how they fly!!!
    .-= se7en´s last blog ..This Week This Week (24th August) at Se7en… =-.

  • I didn’t like corn flakes when I was a kid, either. I used to put a heaping spoonful of sugar over them so I could choke them down. Now I only use them as a crunchy topping on potato casserole.
    .-= Chelsea´s last blog ..My Theory About Moms =-.

  • Jessica

    My daughter told me this morning that she didn’t like the cheese I had bought because it tasted like butter. Now that I can kind of understand!

  • *giggle*

    We can be out of meat, bread, and peanut butter and I won’t hear a word about it from anyone. But if we’re down to the dregs of the cereal selection I’m failing in my task as a mother who appropriately provides.
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..Yes is the New No =-.

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