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Wii Rocked The Party Right

At the height of the action, there were 50 people in our house.

It’s a good thing we liked each other and I wasn’t hosting a convention of mortal enemies. Instead, our good time with good friends was made better because of healthy, boisterous competition. We played Wii.

New and beautifully blue! Wii Motion controllers!

Nintendo recently sent a bundle of party goodies to our family so we could share their new Wii Play Motion game with guests. They included cool new controllers that take the Wii experience to a new level of easy-peasy interactivity. How can 50 people play Wii at once? They can’t. But 1-4 people can play at a time, so everyone else got to nosh cake and ice cream with all the toppings while waiting for their turn.

Wii Wii Wii

When our guests arrived, we had them write their names on slips of paper. Throughout the night, we drew names to see who got to compete against each other. The beauty of Wii Play Motion, and Wii games in general, is that adults, teens, and kids can battle each other and you never know who is going to win. Also, there are 12 different games with varying skill levels and interests. There are games of strategy, games that test balance, puzzle games, and games where players must work together.

Rugged men skimming cute dolphins over a crystalline lake

In addition to our random match-ups, we had the dads play Skip Skimmer against each other. It was one of the funniest parts of the night because the stones didn’t always go where they were intended and competition was friendly-fierce. Then the moms battled. I’ve never successfully skimmed a stone in my life, but Wii made it possible. A fun bonus: Once you read a certain number of successful hops, the stones morph into fun shapes and sounds. Meow. Meow. Meow, Me-ow.

The kids at the party loved the clever Spooky Search. Comical ghosts fly into the room. Players must search for them using sound broadcast through the controller. Then, players drag the ghosts back to the screen. It’s tricky, with a balance of competition and prompts to work together to corral the most squirrelly specters.

Midway through the night, we gave away a Wii Play Motion game and controller to one of our guests. I say “midway” but I really mean the scheduled end of our party. Two hours was not long enough. We played for nearly 4 hours, with our last guests leaving close to 11pm! That says something about Wii, to me.

We can’t wait to have more game nights. With winter coming, it’s a great way to move and play with friends when the weather gets worse.

(Thanks to Nintendo for sending Wii Play Motion, controllers, and ice cream social supplies to us. The party experience and game review is entirely our opinion, although it’s a fact we had fun.)

7 comments to Wii Rocked The Party Right

  • Our Wii party went multiple hours longer than scheduled too! Looks like you had fun – but I still can’t get the skipping down. I’m stuck with a high skip of 12…

  • Don’t wanna boast but I rocked the stone-skipper game.

    Mostly because my kids couldn’t figure it out. 🙂

    Sounds like a blast!

  • Our party was scheduled from 2:30-5pm. The last of our guests left at 8pm. There was a lot of “just one more game”, or “rematch!”. So much fun! Amber- what’s your best skip?

  • So, you have to have those controllers for the game? I’m always looking for more games for the family to play on the Wii.

    • Gretchen von Lifenut

      Nicole, I believe you do have to use a Wii Motion controller to play the game, but they have Wii Plus attachments for the old controllers that do the same thing. But, if you buy the game, you can find them bundled with the controller.

      I really like the new remotes. They have a different “feel” in your hand. It’s hard to describe. The case they are in is more comfortable to hold.

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