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…is “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music considered a Christmas song? One of the local radio stations plays nothing but Christmas music from Thanksgiving to the end of Christmas Day, and it is heavy on the rotation.

Is it because it mentions snowflakes and winter? Brown paper packages tied up with string? For all you know, the package contains catfish and unmentionables.

I shouldn’t complain too much. It’s much better than the intolerable “Christmas Shoes” and “It Must Have Been the Mistletoe”

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  • I have wondered that for the past few years. It’s on a Christmas CD I bought… I don’t get it. Perhaps we should declare a tune from the King and I as a Christmas song as well?

    misty’s last blog post..M is for Meme

  • Nicki

    So funny!

    I was walking through a department store tonight with my three children in tow. They had been singing along with all of the Christmas music as we went along. All of a sudden my 6 year old daughter got extremely excited and began to sing (loudly) along with “My Favorite Things”. (Sound of Music is one of her favorite movies.) And, my first thought…what is this song doing mixed in with Christmas music? I’ve never noticed it mixed in with the Christmas music before. It is rather odd.

    However, it is better than the repetitive playing of the Wham song, Last Christmas. That song is played every 15 minutes at another local department store. Ick.

  • I despise “The Christmas Shoes” with the intense, fiery passion of a thousand suns.

    Jenni’s last blog post..Make a note

  • Gem

    I have always wondered that, and always gripe about it when it comes on too! It is NOT a Christmas song!!!! Although, didn’t one TV station always play The Sound of Music at Christmas time every year? (You know, way back before videos)

    Gem’s last blog post..Baby Pictures!!!

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