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What is that blue chunky stuff behind your ear, mommy?

bewitchingOh, it’s my new cologne, darling! Play-doh!

This morning’s Rocky Mountain News had a little item about a perfume manufacturer called Demeter Fragrance Library. To celebrate Play-doh’s 50th anniversary, they introduced a new cologne, aptly called “Play-doh”.

One could spend $19 to buy a 1 oz. bottle. Or one could go to their child’s bedroom or playroom, pop open a can, and scoop up a little with a fingertip. Strategic placement behind the ears, on the pulse points of the wrist, or even behind the knees could all produce the desired effect of the cologne—to smell like a preschooler’s dirty little mitts. Reapplication of your child’s Play-doh could be necessary once it dries and flakes off.

Other interesting scents include Black Pepper, Bonfire, Dirt, Dust, Earthworm, Funeral Home, Glue, Holy Water, Mushroom, Mildew, New Zealand, Pruning Shears, Riding Crop, Sushi, and Turpentine. They do offer more traditional fragrances like Rose, Vanilla, Bubble Gum (if you are my daughter’s hair), and others which I imagine smell very yummy.

13 comments to What is that blue chunky stuff behind your ear, mommy?

  • Earthworm and Funeral Home are my two faves. Mmmmm. Mmmmm.

  • Funeral Home? Ick! Right now you could just rub my 3 yr old’s grubby hands on all your pulse points as he is at this moment stuffing play doh through all of Mr. Potato Head’s many part-holes!

  • Hmmm…very interesting. I guess if I wanted to smell like play dough I’d take your suggestiong. Besides, it would be more fun playing with it while I was obtaining that fresh scent.

  • I learned in one of my college psych classes that your sense of smell is the one that has the longest “memory,” so to speak. He blindfolded us and made us smell various things then say what the smell was and what it reminded us of. The first thing he had us smell was Play Doh. One sniff and the memories came flooding back.

    Why I’d want to evoke memories of my nasty, mildew-covered shower is beyond me, though.

  • Oooops, I think they’re really on to something there, it sounds – or smells – “different”, you’ll be noticed, I’m sure 😉

  • Ack. I’m gagging now. Play-doh is probably the worst (a close runner up is Chef Boy-ar-dee or whatever).

  • Yeah, but did you see that they have Chocolate Chip Cookie? Mmmm. Wait. I think that could end up being bad for my hips…..

  • mopsy

    Chilihead—you don’t want to smell like Chef Boy-ar-dee the “pasta” or Chef Boy-ar-dee the man? Judging by his picture on the can, I’d say he smells like pipe tobacco, whiskey, and Aqua Velva.

  • mm..what else would they think of?

  • goslyn

    LOL Mopsy to the comment to Chili. Love it.

    I think I’ll try out some earthworm perfume. Might help with the gardening.

    Ha ha ha.

  • Play doh! Imagine that! I love the smell of baby powder…I love the smell of lilacs….but would I wear play-doh? I might EAT play-doh before I’d wear it!



  • Now I KNOW what Funeral Home smells like…I worked in one for YEARS! Yup, I was a funeral director. And, funeral homes smell like an overwhelming mix of florals and morturary wax and make-up.

  • ROFL!!!
    Hilarious post..and comments!
    Thanks for the smile.

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