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Weekend in Pictures

It was such an extraordinary weekend. I thought I would share some pictures. Tomorrow I will get back to the usual–complaining about the horrors of cooking, shamelessly gushing about my button-nosed children in their starched pinafores and pincurls (even the boys), and sharing little tidbits about the ways I am a graceful klutz. When asked “how do you do it?” I will reply, from now on, by God’s grace and the seat of my pants.

The Brown Palace Hotel, where I stayed, prayed, laughed, ate almost a gallon of creme brulee, sang, read, toured, admired, and learned a lot about how I can best use my gifts to serve God, my fellow women and moms, and my family:

brown palace

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. I toured this amazing, historic, enormous church and found myself awed by the artistic mastery, the size, the scope, and the meaning. I saw colors in the stained glass windows that I did not know existed in real life. The size is humbling, the beauty was quieting:

the cathedral

Hand-carved Italian marble statue at the Cathedral. I just liked it, alot. Somehow, the marble conveys a gentleness and love that rocks rarely achieve:


Joel, celebrating his birthday. Can’t say much more than “baa”:


Joel, posing to best show-off his birthday cake and frosting facial, in a lovely shade of October orange:

cake face

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