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Week Two ~ Ups, Downs, Downs, a Half-Up, Downs, Ups

The most confounding summer cold in the history of viruses is still hanging around. Summer colds are especially cruel. There were a few days this week we did nothing but watch movies and play video games while beauty pranced around outside. Show-off!

A few of us managed to get out and have some fun, although it was with slight guilt.

Aidan left for camp.

Tommy, Joel, Beatrix, and I went to a Rockies game on Tuesday night. It was a beautiful night.

The wildfires were just starting. From our seats, we could see smoke from the Big Meadows fire.

The Rockies beat the Nationals 8-3, so we relished a triumph.

But mostly, we were unabashedly lazy, resting as much as possible even if we didn’t want to rest.

My peonies finally bloomed, the latest appearance since we moved into this house eight years ago.

Unfiltered. They really are this eye-popping color.

Ollie had a good time swinging during a fact-finding mission we took to a local park. Yes, fresh air is good for body and soul. FACT.

Here’s to things looking up!


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