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Wedding Wonderful ~ A Time to Dance

On our way to my cousin's wedding!

Do you see a face in the glass?

Cheers to the Bride, the Groom, the Family!

Dress handmade by Grandma, perfect for twirling and whirling

Beatrix had a blast

Overlooking the ballroom floor ~ A stunning venue

The kids, dancing before dinner

Table for 10

Tommy, Aidan, Ryley

A toddler at a wedding dinner is like...

Tommy and Joel

Sam and Beatrix

The bridesmaids carried sunflowers, so very September


Tommy followed Teddy around after dinner

Teddy's first wedding = Music, food, family, dancing, activity, awesome

On the edge of the ballroom

Joel, most likely dodging one of the many giggling girls who chased him

It was a late night, but a great night

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