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Warm house

We are hosting a house warming party in a few weekends. I hesitated calling it a house warming on the invitations because our house has already been warmed in the usual family manner: bannister sliding, introducing a grateful Mr. Toilet to Dr. Plunger, and tickle fights. It is belated, akin to celebrating a December birthday in March.

please come to our party, there will be food! This is the first real party, aside from kids’ birthday celebrations, we’ve hosted. I think we are a bit nervous. We’ve put together an insanely huge list of foods and drinks we plan to serve. We may be going overboard, but we really want people to have fun and not go away muttering about Ruffles and canned onion dip. I keep picturing our party looking a little like an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Mary Richards was cursed to throw horribly boring parties. The idea of being known as the Mary Richards of the 21st Century doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t wear hats and if I did, I wouldn’t toss them into the air in exuberant displays of roaring womanhood. I’ve got other ways to do that. Worse than hat-tossing is bad-party-tossing.

Over the weekend we designed and printed postcard invitations. Hubby addressed them during the Broncos game. I swore I had a book of postcard stamps “around here somewhere” but I couldn’t find them. After I picked up the kids from school yesterday, I drove to the post office to get stamps and mail the invitations. The kids helped me make sure the stamps were as cockeyed on the postcards as our party plans.

There is sense of fate and destiny when you mail something from the post office because you know you aren’t getting it back.

I am excited for our first big party and overwhelmed by how much we need to get done. A house is warmed by the love of the family under its roof, but it is also warmed when we show hospitality—which is humbling. The memories made when friends and family laugh in our living room, eat salsa in our kitchen, and go on a kid-led grand tour of the basement and bathrooms will make these four walls even more precious.

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  • Mom-of-mopsy

    Even though I haven’t gotten my postcard yet, assuming that you sent us one, we hope to attend and help if we can. One thing Mary Richards didn’t have going for her at her parties were “your” children, who are entertaining in themselves and who will keep the party lively. I can’t wait!

  • I whole-heartedly agree with your mom your party will be anything but boring!

  • From everything I know about your family, I can’t imagine that any party at your house would be boring. Hope y’all have a wonderful time!

  • Events like this just add to the soul of a home. It will be a smashing success. Relax and enjoyl

  • Sounds like fun! Just be careful when you let those children lead the tours. Our kids gave some friends of ours a tour of our new house and when they were in the bathroom downstairs (which has a “double-wide” shower), the kids told our friends that it was a shower for 2 people (because it has 2 “seats” in it)! LOL

  • Mel

    Mmmmm, onion dip and Ruffles . . . .

  • AmyP

    What?!? Ruffles and canned onion dip aren’t a great party?!?

    The people you care about will be there, so it will be a wonderful housewarming!

  • How fun! It sounds wonderful, of course how can a house filled with love and laughter be anything but wonderful?

  • If I lived closer, I would come and crash your party.


  • For out housewarming party, I had a cookies and milk party. I bought the milk and told everyone to bring cookies. It sounded like a great idea at the time. Unfortunately, I guess most people don’t like milk–I ended up with souring gallons in my fridge, and more cookies than I knew what to do with. We just unearthed some in the freezer the other day, nine months old. I wish you greater success in your partying than I had!

  • Ditto your Mom: “I haven’t gotten my postcard yet, assuming that you sent us one, we hope to attend and help if we can.” 🙂

    I’m sure it will be lovely. Smashing.

  • I hope that you will have a GREAT house-warming. I have also never had a party at home, except for birthday parties. One day, when my dream comes true and I get to fix up the house, the way I want to, I’ll have a party

  • bro-de-mopsy

    There’s going to be salsa there? Okay, I guess we can pack up the boys and come….

    BTW – got your invitation yesterday. Very classy.

  • Ooh, can can you post a pic of your invite? I would love to see it. (minus any address and other personal info of course) Bro-de-mopsy has me very curious, I’m sure it’s fabulous.

    Sounds like a great time!

  • Is this a necktie event for ryley?

  • mopsy

    Probably. I wonder if he should wear his yellow necktie or orange? I’ll let him decide!

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