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Vote For Boo

In case you haven’t noticed, this is an election year. The campaign fliers that hang out of our overstuffed mailbox is one good clue that an election is occuring. Sometimes I wish we had a giant parrot, since we have so much birdcage liner these days. Our telephone is ringing off the hook with pre-recorded calls, asking us to please please please please vote for so-and-so, or our lives will be forever ruined, the kids teeth will rot, the dog will run away, and my souffles will not rise.

The back-end of every car is plastered with bumper stickers. Half the people driving around today will be too deeply embarrassed to go anywhere on November 3rd. I predict lots of people will be out in their driveways in the pre-dawn hours of November 3rd, razor blades and rubbing alcohol in hand, frantically attempting to remove their bumper stickers. Or maybe they will just wait for all the court challenges to be finished in a few years…

Election excitement has spilled over into our entire household. Several weeks ago, Aidan brought home her “Scholastic News” election edition with a ballot on the back. She wielded her pencil and made a definitive checkmark in the box of her favorite candidate. She based her vote on the picture of the candidate, the pets the candidate keeps, and where the candidate is from. Let’s just say that Aidan prefers dogs with Southern drawls…

It is interesting how keenly aware the kids are of the signs they see in lawns and on the side of the roads. Aidan is a good reader and she notices these signs. Yesterday, when she got home from school, she made her own election sign. If you are weary of the election, or are still undecided, then we have the candidate for you: Boo!

vote for boo

Who is Boo? You should know who you are voting for. Boo is a family nickname for Tommy, three years old in December.

What office is Boo running for? I don’t know. The sign doesn’t exactly say. But it really isn’t any different than most candidates. They may be running for state representative, but they think they are running for King (or Queen) of the World. Not knowing what office a candidate is running for doesn’t stop many voters. Don’t let it stop you from voting for Boo! I am sure he will do a good job.

What is Boo’s platform? Endless macaroni and cheese for everyone, endless lemon yogurt, the right to take toys out into the yard and leave them in the rain (but only for the top 2% of wage-earners), and a national sales tax.

Is Boo a Conservative or a Liberal? When it comes to sharing stomach flu germs, he is a Liberal. When it comes to sharing his crayons, he is a Conservative. Perhaps this picture will illustrate his position. Or maybe not. Is the look on his face indicative of a Conservative, horrified by what he is reading? Or is he a Liberal, who is angry at the misrepresentation? You decide!

what is he?

One thing I took home from my retreat weekend was the knowledge that God is not a Republican, he is not a Democrat, he is not a Libertarian. He is not affiliated with any political party. He is bigger than that. This year, the country seems so divided, so polarized by the issues. If we can all simply remember that we are in the same boat, one nation, then we can find common ground. I truly hope everyone eligible will vote and will remember that the sun will rise no matter who is in office on November 3rd.

Vote for Boo!

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