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Vintage 1971

Today is my 40th birthday.

Love vintage art? Despite its reputation, even the orange shag carpet era was cute.

This is my very pink baby book.

When I’d look through my baby book as a child, I often wondered why Spiro Agnew was a great mind of the time.

I think my dad was being sarcastic.

But I agree that trash masher is a great gadget of the times.

My mom didn’t have a blog. Somehow, she found a way to note my firsts: Laugh, tooth, steps.

I’m still not crazy about orange juice.

I was their first baby. John and Donna, two nice young people living in suburban Denver, became parents 40 years ago, today. Birthdays are more than a celebration of the birth of an individual. Families are born that day. Roles are born. A new path, born.

Here’s to June 6, Every Year. Not just because of baby me but because of them.

(“I’m a Girl!” baby book by the C.R. Gibson Company, Norwalk, CT., 1968)

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