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Update: More information regarding the alleged child endangerment case in Illinois

I found this Yahoo article which sheds more light on the situation.

The link is here and includes thoughts from an advocate on the other side of the issue.

My original post where I discuss this story is here.

5 comments to Update: More information regarding the alleged child endangerment case in Illinois

  • amy

    I was also remembering a post about yours a while back advocating calling the police whenever a child isn’t in a car seat. Everything is dangerous, the question is when can a parent decide and when does the state intervene. To me, this story is ridiculous. Even if the officer was concerned at first, using state resources on enforcing this type of law in this situation is wasteful and counterproductive.

  • jen

    GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I’m originally from Chicago and I.HATE.DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services). They honestly don’t know their #^&^#@$^ from a hole in the ground. I swear, they screw up more cases than not. I hope the heck the judge in this case throws it out, apologizes to this family, and smacks DCFS and this STUPID law upside the head.

    jen’s last blog post..Someday it will all make sense

  • Thanks for keeping us posted. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    Beth’s last blog post..Hand in the cookie jar.

  • That makes my blood boil.

    The child was asleep. The doors were locked. The mother was in sight of the car the whole time.

    You know what? Beds are dangerous too. I would guess thousands of kids are injured or die in their beds every year. But I do leave my kids in their beds every night and walk away for 8 hours. They aren’t even buckled in! Tons of things could go wrong: They could fall out of bed and break an arm, they could wake up and put a toy in their mouth and choke, they could come and try to find me in the dark house and fall down the stairs. Yet, as far as I know, that’s not against the law. Yet.

    Common sense has disappeared in so much of our judiciary — and CPS is top on the list.

    Kelly @ Love Well’s last blog post..Eight Weeks Old

  • Kelly

    This does sort of make me mad given I have called DCFS on several occasions before to report serious allegations of child abuse, and they do NOTHING, but they will arrest this poor lady for doing something everyday (an she was being charitable!)

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