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Too two

Dear Two-Year-Olds of the World:

Thanks for giving Beatrix a warm welcome into your very exclusive club, which she joined today. Her membership card isn’t bent or sticky. Yet.


Most of you are potty-curious picky-eaters. She’ll fit right in. If you aren’t a potty-curious picky-eater, your mama is worried AND smug (as opposed to smug and worried). You are completely normal, too. You cheeky bunnies like to keep us guessing, but we know that is part of the adventure of parenting you.

You either revel in bathtime or you panic at the thought of shampoo…and rinsing. Oh, rinsing! I understand. I’ve had other two year olds and they shrieked so much during baths, I worried a neighbor would call the police. Beatrix currently enjoys all-things agua, so if you are into turning on the outside faucet and trying to drink from the hose, she’ll be your partner in crime.


A word of caution: Please don’t push or shove. No biting. I know sometimes you don’t think you have an alternative. You do. You’ll learn. You might not want to share that divine little car/wooden cupcake/old cellphone/naked wild-haired doll with her or anyone else in the universe. At least you are honest. I don’t want to share sometimes, either. That’s a secret. But it’s nice and important to get used to the idea. You’ll get there. I’m not one for forced sharing, so I’ll just show you how I share and how happy we are when everyone gets a whirl at the xylophone. How did you find the xylophone, by the way? I thought I hid it.


You are a fearless bunch, but still like to run and hug mommy and daddy’s legs. You don’t always look up to make sure the legs actually belong to mommy or daddy. From your vantage, the world looks like a sea of denim-covered tree trunks sometimes.

It has to be hard to be so small, but have such big ideas.

That’s why we love you so much, two-year-olds. There is nothing terrible about you.



(aside to birth story junkies…beatrix’s is here)

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