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Stephanie from Creature Bug kindly tagged me with the ROAR! For Powerful Words Award/meme. I am supposed to share three writing tips.

I will try. I don’t know if I have anything to add to the bazillion words already written about writing. It is known I don’t like to blog about blogging and I find it weird to write about writing.

Here are my writing tips:

1. Take risks. “But I’m not a poet! But I’m not a fiction writer!” You protest too much. Don’t be scared of failure. Your guts won’t be hated because your poem is iffy. You do other cool things.

2. Break the rules. The word on a page (or screen) is paint on a canvas. Sometimes your lady has three eyes and a nose on her knee. Ask Picasso. Sentence fragments.

3. Got writer’s block? So damn what. Go do something else for awhile. Then, when you get embroidery block, or the baking blahs, or any other form of burnout, writing will be there. I’m not a one-trick pony and neither are you.

Thanks, Stephanie. Not surprisingly, most of the people I’d tag for this meme have already been tagged. Whilst researching what ROAR! actually means, I found this colorful graphic which I am legally entitled to use as a recipient:


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