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This is news?

Harry Potter book sold by accident.

On the Fourth of July, we witnessed a man doing wheelies on his motorcycle near the park where we watched fireworks. He hit the back of a moving vehicle and was flung off his bike and into a telephone pole. He wasn’t wearing a helmet. After ages, the ambulances, fire trucks, and police showed up.

This did not make the news. I checked for days at multiple news outlets—online, the newspaper, and on our local TV broadcast news, curious about the status of this poor man.

But a Harry Potter book being sold early? Internationally important, stop the presses stuff.

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  • This is totally unrelated, but your rotating pictures up top there is so great. Nice blog site!

  • hamster

    Once, coming back from Telluride, we came upon a horrific car crash on Dallas Pass. We were the first car on the scene. Two cars and their pieces littered the road, it was apparent they’d met headon around a blind corner. The occupants were seriously injured. The engine block of one car sat in its’ drivers lap. She kept saying that she couldn’t feel her legs. Her left arm, broken at a 90 degree angle, was hanging by a thread out the window. This was almost 10 years ago, and we didn’t have cell phones. I remember feeling completely useless as I watched Martin hand that woman a handkerchief. We talked to her, and the two teenagers in the other car, until at last,someone with a gigantic cell phone arrived and made the much needed call. For the duration of our stay in GJ, I followed the local news, but there was never any news of the crash. I couldn’t understand it – how could a life and death story involving something we all do — driving, not make the news? While I hope I’m wrong, I suspect that handkerchief may have been the last gift that woman received.

  • That just doesn’t make any sense hey!

  • mopsy

    Hamster, I remember when you told me that story years ago. How horrific.

    And Megan…nice re-do of your site too! 😉

  • I just reread what I put here and it totally sounds like I have horrible grammar… I meant the rotating thing *is* great. The pictures *are* great. Whatever… 😉

  • hamster

    So old I’m repeating my stories. Have to do some more living.

  • mopsy

    I *snorted* at the idea of you doing more living, hamster…you’ve done more living than anyone I know!

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