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Things that belong to Joel (21 months), according to him

Things described as mine:

1. The hammer

2. The dog

3. The box of Shrek Cheese Nips in the cupboard

4. The Oreos

5. The bananas on the top of the fridge
the one on the right is MINE...and so is the one on the LEFT!6. My pink sequined flip flops

7. Aidan’s old floppy unicorn

8. My coffee mug

9. The booger on his finger, freshly un-nosed

10. A photo of his twin baby cousins

11. The leaves on the trees in the backyard

12. The big red radio flyer wagon

13. The entire shopping cart

14. The minivan

15. The bathtub

16. A bubble in the corner of the bathtub

17. Each stair, as it is stepped on

18. A spider crawling across the patio

19. The old cast-off Dish Network satellite dish left behind by our DirecTV installer

20. Me

6 comments to Things that belong to Joel (21 months), according to him

  • Mom-of-mopsy

    I think Joel would not have you as #20 on his list of “mines”. You would probably rate a #1! I love the picture. I want it to be mine!

  • Shayne (aka doodle)

    LOL! When Peter was around this age, I bought him a t-shirt entitled “The Toddler Laws of Property” (can you guess it was from a catalog for lawyers?!). It went something like this: If it’s mine, it’s mine. If it’s yours, it’s mine. If I see it, it’s mine. If I’m holding it, it’s mine. If I’ve touched it in the last 3 hours, it’s mine.

    I’m sure Joel looks stunning in your, er, his pink sequined flip flops.

  • Ethan seems to be mainly possessive of anything I am eating. Once he is eating it, however, it becomes less worthy and is usually ejected. I want to find that shirt Shayne mentions.

  • rossmomma

    Of all his belongings he is most fortunate to have #20.

  • Well, when you are two (or almost two) all you see is yours, if you like it – it’s yours, if you want it – it’s yours.

    Yeah, kinda like everything?

  • Julie (Julieand3)

    How can Joel be 21 months old??? That was fast. With that sweet face I would let him own anything that he wants!

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