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There is never enough Scotch tape

There can be too much snow in a watery globe or on a lawn.

There can be too many lights on a tree.

There can be too many renditions of Santa Baby.

Too many calories in a slab of dark chocolate fudge.

I’ve seen more than enough sprinkles.

There is always room for one more star in a winter Milky Way slashed sky.

Too much whipped cream is unheard of.

There are never enough bows to make a proper impromptu holiday hat.

There is never enough time to simply spell awe when it washes over you, then is gone, gone, gone.

There aren’t hands strong enough or eyes piercing enough or ears sharp enough to grasp the wonder of it all.

There is enough me to go around, when the butter knife is pressed hard and finds the crumby corners.

That butter knife hurts.

But there is never enough Scotch tape.


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